B&R Pavement offers asphalt services for any type of repair, resurfacing, or preventative maintenance.

During the time of the assessment, we will explain the best construction methods to improve the integrity of the asphalt structure.

B&R will lay out a scope of work to meet customer specific needs. Our asphalt crews can handle small or large parking lot projects.


Preventive maintenance to a parking lot is critical for longevity, safety, and preservation. We offer years of
experience preserving parking lots and retaining their integrity.

Utilizing methods such as crack and joint sealing, we can implement preventative measures to enhance the lifespan of the asphalt or concrete structure.

Crack & Joint Sealing

We are experts in all types of concrete projects. From new construction to routine concrete repairs, our team assesses your needs and builds projects to ensure long lasting results.

Concrete parking lot repairs, including sidewalks, curbs, and trip hazard mitigation are designed to be in ADA compliance. By implementing best practices in construction, our dedicated concrete team will enhance your curb appeal!